He worked in facio-maxilary surgery in English hospitals until is Aliyah in 1979.

He worked as an army dentist until he opened his private dental clinic in 1982.

In 1999 he opend his 2nd clinic in Hezlia, moving to Ramat HaSharon in 2002.

Dr Vinegrad works in  his clinic in Ramat HaSharon 5 days a week, and in the Arad clinic on Tuesdays.

Dr David Vinegrad qualified at UCH London in1977.

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Gums & Gingiva



Routine Exams


We recommend 2 dental check-ups each year,

including oral cancer check of the mouth tongue gingival soft tissue throat and lymph nodes

xrays once a year

Dental Hygiene


cleaning is important al least twice a year for dental plaque and calculus.

for those with gum disease every 3 or 4 months.

Dental Fillings


All fillings have been tooth coloured in our clinic since 1996, amalgum was a good filling material but belongs to the previous milenium.

Implants & Dental Reconstruction

Dr Vinegrad has been placing implants forover 20 years

Emergency Dentistry

Peolple tend to wait and see if the pain will go away and phone when the can't stand the pain any more. Don't wait any longer

Call us on the emergecy number


Teeth Whitening


Everyone likes a beautiful smile with shiny white teeth and Dr Vinegrad has been whitening teeth succesfuly for many years

Dental trauma


Whether it be bicycle accidents, trauma at the swimming pool. slips and falls or deliberate trauma, Dr Vinegrad has over 30 years of experience in treating trauma with high quality aesthetic results.

Dental anxiety & phobias


Many people are apprehensive of dental treatment. Dr Vinegrad has many years experience of gently overcoming dental aniety with succesful outcomes

All about Dr David Vinegrad

I  was born in Barnet  Hertfordshire UK 
My early schooling was in 
New Barnet and Potters Bar; 
When it came to grammer School 
I traveled each day by bus to St Albans 
where I attended St Albans School 
while it was still a direct grant school.

I have lived permanently in Israel since 1980, 
first seving in the Israeli Army as a denal Officer, 
and also served  in the reserves for 17 years, 
including a month in Lebanon (1984) after the 1st Lebanese war.
I lived for many years in Arad, and since 1999 in the Sharon area.

As a kid I was very frightened to go to the dentist. All my treatment as a child was done without local anaesthetic,

I would kick the dental chair, sway may head from side to side,

and close my mouth on the drill. 

The treatment was always very painful.

The dentist never talked to me, and the very sight of him was frightening as he wore a perspex visor on his face.

When I was 16, I went to a different, young dentist,

who talked to me gently, explained everything,

and gave me a local anaesthetic for my dental treatment..

This changed my life and I on my university application I applied to dental school.

I wa sure dentistry could be less frightening,more comfortable

and should be as near painless as possible.

While at university I developed my philosophy for excellent dentistry, and while in the army I planned my dental surgery to reflect that philosophy.

The clinic is designed to be as friendly as possible, without the usual prominent and frightening claustrophobic equipment.

The dental chair is mid room. but without anything preventing

patients from sitting up. No tray or post.

The dental light come from the ceiling, the xray from the back wall, and the dental drill is on a cart and mostly out of view.



Years of Experience


Smiling  Clients


Dental degrees


Happy Staff


Dr. David Vinegrad

Dental Surgeon

Dr. Raffi Lev


Dr. Taa Koasami

dentist in Arad

Dr. Anna Koffman

dentist in Arad



Dental Office Phone


Our Address

Weizman Street #6/1

Ramat HaSharon

Entrance from Zalman Street

2nd entrance from the corner of Weizman

Zip  4722303

Opening Hours

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday  08:30 – 19:30

Thursday, Friday    08:30 – 12:30

Emegencies   phone 03-549-8097